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Welcome to our site - the donkey palace, or often also referred to the house of ass or donkey castle.  Chateau de Baudet was founded in 2020 as an outcome of COVID-19.  The lockdown mandated that we could not go in to public places - it did not say we had to stay in our we found that in an effort to keep from going stir crazy, we took drives.  Drives out of the city and into the county.  We talked about making life changes to keep things easy - making the important things important.  

Our daughter and son-in-law were thinking the same thing.  On a Saturday afternoon in June they took us for a drive and showed us an area where they were thinking of building a house.  That same Saturday afternoon, we stopped at a private golf club to check it out - while the boys where visiting the little boys room, my daughter and I were checking out Zillow.  Low and behold, right across the street we found a house for sale on 2.5 acres.  We convinced the guys we needed to check it out.  I decided right away that this would be a perfect location to raise some donkeys.  It was my son-in-law that dubbed the new location - the House of Ass.   I didn't even know I wanted donkeys until I saw this place.  That same day my parents drove up to see it and give us advice on the barn.  By the next day (fathers day 2020) we had decided we wanted this place, the kids decided they would move in while their house was being built, and the parents decided they would move in and ultimately add on.  

We sold our house in Plano.  The kids sold their house in Plano.  My parents sold their house in Glen Rose -- Here we are with 3 generations living in one place. With Nolan (our dog) and Dottie (the kids dog) and now Violet and Poppy (the donkeys) have joined the mix.  

This site documents the fun!  Here's a fun video that brings 2021 into perspective 

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