The Family

The Cast of Characters: 

Bud - The husband.  The one who made the acquisition of the chateau a reality, the one who scoops the poop, and the cornerstone of happy for the farm

Sissy - Me.  The one who saw the chateau as a beautiful home for donkeys.

The Daughter  - Anna. Often the instigator behind all the good ideas. 

The Son-in-Law - Sam.  Often the encourager of all the fun ideas. 

The Grandson  - McCoy.  He will grow up thinking this chateau and its menagerie is normal. 

Grampa & Gramma - Made a serious life change and moved to the Chateau.  Adding (added) their own addition to the house. 

The Son - Lives in NC, but frequently brings fun to the family

The Daughter-in-Law - Lives in NC sharing #likealocalpodcast

August - the newest grandbaby who lives in NC with his parents

Nolan - Bud and Sissy's very spoiled dog, a mix breed

Dottie - Daughter and Son-in-Laws dog, a borgie (a mix between a border collie and corgie)


September 2023

August Makes a Trip to Texas - 

So We Stop and Take Photo's 

August 2023

A new Grandbaby!  Welcome to the family, August!

June 2023

McCoy turns 2! 

March 2023

McCoy turns 1! 

March 2022

What a fast year!  

Our Christmas Photo 2021

December 2021

Who needs a photographer?  No, no - we have phones that let you take family pictures without anyone looking through the lens to tell you to pose one way or another! 

8 months of fun with McCoy

posted December 2021

Dottie and McCoy

November 2021

Is that not the cutest? 

McCoy and the animals

Halloween 2021

McCoy is growing up thinking that this life is normal.  He loves the chickens, the goats, and the donkeys.  We just have to watch the donkeys - especially Holly - she likes to taste McCoy.  

Celebrating Ryan and Gramma's birthday! 

Ryan and Katie and 3 cats come to visit

April 2021

I stink at taking pictures!  Ryan and Katie live in NC and got to Texas as fast as they could to meet McCoy! Did we take pictures?  Hardly.  But we had a great time! 

Such a sweet family

Anna, Sam, and McCoy

 March 2021

Bud meets McCoy

Yes, he's really Grandpa.  

Sissy meets McCoy

Yes, I"m really Grandma. 

It's A Boy!

October 3rd - The daughter and son-in-law shared they are having a boy!  We met the son-in-laws family at Bob's Steakhouse in Grapevine.  The kids had already found out the gender so they played a fun game with us so we could find out.  Looking forward to baby boy's arrival in March 2021. 

Nolan, Ryans' dog

Nolan comma Ryan's dog - get it? Nolan Ryans' dog?  Anyway - Nolan is/was our son Ryan's dog.  While at college, Ryan went to buy a cat and came home with a dog. If you know Ryan this is not surprising.  Ryan had Nolan for about a year before I decided that Nolan needed to stay with us for a while.  It was supposed to be just over the holidays - but I wouldn't let him go.  No clue what kind of dog Nolan is - and I've thought about doing the DNA test.  He looks like a swiss mountain dog - markings, color, size, etc. but he came from Lubbock so let's be real.  He's probably a combination of many things.  But he's smart, personable, and funny.