The Chickens

Summer in the Chicken Yard

August 2022

Loofa! I read that the one thing chickens won't eat is loofa. I ordered some seeds from Amazon and sure enough, chickens don't eat loofa! The chickens have cover under this great arch. But I now have a new appreciation for folks that get loofa to market - have you ever peeled a loofa?


March 2022

After wrapping tarps and blankets and shower curtains around our old Tractor Supply coop we (cough, I) decided we needed something a bit more substantial. You see the old coop had a nesting box and the roost on the same level in the same box and our very smart chickens would only either roost or nest in the area - not both. So they sat out in the frigid winter temps and wouldn't go up. So here we are with a #cutestcoop. Notice its high up off the ground...if only we could get some rain! Notice also how tall this coop is. Chickens are what - 12 inches?

A Work in Progress


These cute little coops come as a kit. It was shipped from Ohio and brought to our house - we had to unload and we had to assemble. Not for the faint of heart.

We Moved Them to the Coop and the Rain Tried to Take Them Away!

May 2021

It rained and it rained and it rained. We had just got the chicks moved to their new coop. But we managed to build trenches and regraded the garden!

It's spring! Chickens seem like a good idea!

March 2021

Tractor Supply said I had to get a minimum of 6 and that their chicks were sexed. They felt certain (90%) that we were getting all females.

Predator Proofing the Coop

I refused to move the chicks out until we had wire down under the coop and we had all locks secured with carabiners. Donkeys be darned - no predators were going to get my chicks! Ha!

Checking out their new home

I would take the chicks out on sunny days so they could learn about their new home!

Don't count now - there are only 5

Did I say no donkeys would get one of my chicks! Did you know that Easter Eggers can fly? This is why Tractor Supply makes you buy more than you want!!

I learned you shouldn't name your chickens

April 2021

Yes. That's a chicken in my office. And just so you know the only vet in the area, that would see a chicken was on maternity leave!

I don't know how I found this vet on - but she was in California and she was awesome. She told me that it sounded like wry neck and I needed to do vitamin supplements and baby tylenol...and I did for 4 days. So at this point we were down to 4 chickens. One of which was a rooster!

He was gorgeous

But he wouldn't leave the girls alone! He went to the feed store and was adopted - a nice family loves him. Don't. Go. Anywhere. Else.

Sure, I'll adopt two more

Two barred rocks who had been attacked by a rooster. Ironic right? They sort of wrecked havoc to my little flock - really changed the pecking order and are still a bit unfriendly. But their feathers are growing back!