The Donkeys

Milo and McCoy Race Cars on a Ramp

October 2022

McCoy loves his cars and tractors. And McCoy also mastered the ability to tell Milo, "no, no." Together they make for great entertainment!

The Babies Turn ONE!

December 22, 2021

Milo and Holly had a birthday this month and of course we had a party. Just a simple open house so folks could come meet the animals, see the place, and feed some treats to the donks. But did we take pictures? Hardly. Here are few though...

The Donkey Family; How it all Started

September 2020

this was the picture of Poppy and Violet in the Craigslist ad. The ad used phrases like "sweet sisters", "easy keepers", "friendly" -- sisters may not be true, for sure though they are easy keepers and friendly. It also said miniature. But the ad missed the important note of "pregnant!"

Poppy and Violet (I named them, they didn't have names) came to live with us on 9.12.2020. They came from lot in Cleburne. That sounds elusive. I didn't ask questions - the guy said he would deliver. We didn't have a trailer...or a clue. I didn't ask questions.

We found a great vet and she came out to meet the girls several times (um, not gonna mention that she didn't catch on to what was coming)- we even had an equine dentist come visit - He estimates that Poppy is about 10 and Violet is only 4. Hey kids, good news donkeys can live for a really long time!

They are both right on the edge of what is considered miniature. Poppy is 35 inches and Violet is 34 inches. Maybe that Violet is a large miniature and Poppy is a small standard. Who knows!

Poppy always looking for a treat!

When these girls were delivered I asked "the guy" we bought them from - "could they be pregnant?" And as an intelligent answer he said, "could be."

The Diet

So if they weren't pregnant - because the vet didn't think it was likely - did we do a test, listen for a heartbeat, anything? No. So, I put Poppy and Violet on diets thinking they were just fat. They got light feed, pellets and hay in hay bags. Violet is questioning this decision.


Of course they enjoyed stealing some snacks while the family was sitting around in the pasture. What? Yes, the family sits around in the pasture. How else do you make friends with new donkeys?

They don't understand personal space!

Both girls stealing some snacks from Anna and Sam

A Unicorn?

Poppy pouting in just the right sunlight to make a unicorn...we said no more snacks.

One Cold December Morning...Why is there a goat in our pasture?

I woke up early on the morning of December 13 - told Alan I would feed the donkeys and he should sleep in. It was the first cold snap, raining, 31 degrees. When I got out to the stall Violet was there but no Poppy. Of course I started calling for her. Have you tried calling a donkey? I walked to the South pasture and wondered why Poppy had cornered a goat! As I got closer I realized it was a baby donkey and Poppy hadn't corned it but was rejecting it. So I picked up the baby, called the family and we got to work!

The good news was the baby was as hard headed as the momma.

The even better news was the Dr. Melanie Rameriz from Weems & Stephens Equine Veterinary knew we were clueless and came to the house.

We couldn't be sure if the baby had gotten any colostrum so both baby and momma went to the vet. Baby in the cab of the truck. Did I mention we didn't have a trailer? But Alan came through and got one!

After 24 hours baby and momma came home. Poppy was letting the baby nurse with some firm reminders.

We have a boy. His name is Milo. And all is well...Right?

Grampa is yelling...The other one is on the way!

Not gonna lie - it had been a stressful 3 days after Milo was born. And we were barely functioning. Why is grampa yelling that there is another one coming? Another what? Sure enough - Just three days after Milo was born, on December 16, 2020, Holly, a little girl, is born! Did we have a clue that Violet was pregnant? Even after the 3 days we just went through with Poppy and Milo? Did it even cross our mind? Not. At. All.

Surely this would be easier! Surely Violet wouldn't act like Poppy!

Both this momma and baby were ALSO hard headed! Wait.

Is that a donkey thing?

And sure enough Violet wouldn't let the baby nurse. So off we head to the vet for some strong instruction! Did I mention we had a trailer?

Holly's ride home

I really did think about calling the guy from the Craigslist ad and saying..."you knew. You knew they were pregnant and you knew they weren't good mommas!" But instead...we celebrate! Mommas and babies are doing GREAT!

The babies and the mommas make a nice family

I think this picture was taken right before Poppy kicked Violet. For two mommas that didn't want these babies they took to mothering just fine and were quite protective.

I don't think Poppy and Violet are sisters - while jerks as new mommas they have very different styles. Poppy and Milo are so much alike. They both have this coarse almost curly hair, they both have a sway back, and they both are on watch at all times - except when Milo gets distracted. And they bray all the damn time. Poppy when she's hungry. And she is LOUD. Milo when he can't find the others. Violet and Holly are also so much alike. They both do this nudging thing with their nose. Violet is a much stronger nudger and doesn't mind where she nudges. They both have a very smooth gait and are fun to watch when they run. Violet and Holly aren't going to be bothered by being on watch because they know Poppy (and sometimes Milo) has it covered. Violet can open the truck bed and Holly likes to chase trucks. And they bray quietly - very ladylike.

So...3 girls + 1 boy. Yep, we had that taken care of!

Real quickly after the vet got us through getting the babies on their feet, she also talked to us about needing to make sure we didn't find ourselves in that situation again. Here's Milo at his vet appointment taking care of that! And yes, the operation took place right on the grass at the vet hospital. No need for fancy operating rooms...and Milo didn't seem to mind.