The Rabbit

A Giant Rabbit? 

August 2022

One of the places that we frequent weekly is D&L Feedstore in Celina.  We love this place and we love the people that work there.  Lola, a lop ear rabbit is there most weeks as she belongs to the manager.  But they often have other rabbits for sale - and each week - I usually say, "I want a rabbit."  But walk on.  This time that was a very curious little guy and the girls at the counter said, "he's a continental giant" -- SOLD!  Who wouldn't want a 20-40 lb rabbit that can grow as big as 4 ft long?  A google search of continental rabbits convinced me!  

Fig joined our family on August 20.  

He lives in my office

has destroyed my ability to eat at my desk 

and brought my snacking to a complete halt! 

Fig Makes Life Look Comfy!

October 2022

Fig loves workdays!  If he's not on my desk, he is right under my feet.  

He loves pets - if its his idea.  He loves attention - if its his idea.  

For now Fig is confined to my office.  There is only a baby gate preventing him from the rest of the house.  But Nolan recognizes a rodent when he sees one - so Nolan and Fig are separated.  In the meantime, Fig just makes all surfaces look comfortable! 

How Big will Fig Be?